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Hello intelligent,good-looking & all around btilliant Coldplay fans !!


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hi everyone !! i'm joïlita ,i'm 19 & i am french (so be kind with me for my mistakes:embarassed: ,but it would be great if you can help me to progress,telling me when i'm wrong ;))

I felt in love with Coldplay the very second i heard about them (it was 'warning sign':)) it was 6 years ago,and today, here i am, more addicted than ever,just coming back from their Liverpool performance yesterday...(:cry: i wish it had last forever..)

I listen to them every important moments of my life & when i'm sad -because Chris' voice bring me such an helpful comfort & kindness) & also when i feel good ,because their are such optimistic and cheerful that it makes me want to do all the things i secretly want to accomplish, makes me want to go everywhere in the world & be happy :)...


I'll say a bit more about myself & about what music i also love later....i don't want to freak you out with my first post:laugh3:...

Anyway,i'm really glad to be here and i hope i'm as bright as every Coldplay fan have to be!! (according to our king Martin^^) aahah



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hey ,thanks for your hearty welcome everyone !!

nice to meet you too !!

Yeah indeed,sunday was...i can't even find a word to describe how amazing and moving it was (my first Coldplay concert:dizzy2::heart::dance::happy2: ) ...i can't stop thinking about it:wacky:...

@Chuck Kokkte: Warning sign...:rolleyes3:...means a lot to me,first because it's the song that made me know these 4 wonder-boys^,so it's like my landmark ^^...and then because-as often in Chris'words- the lyrics literaly reach me and manage to make me feel sadness & joy with a very word ...of course it means much than that,but i won't write my own interpretation now (i need to do some work even if my mind id still at the echo arena and i can't focus on anything else ;^^^)

I glad to be here with all of you ! ;)

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Hi everyone !! thanks again!! :hug:


@Redgirl76: ( thank you :rolleyes2: ) ...and why liverpool ? actually it's because i'm an aupair here(until monday^^)


Salut,paris !! :wink:


@gilda: yeah,well,it's the same everywhere,some places are amazing & some others not that nice..where do you go ?

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