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3 Questions about Keane, MUSE, and Jon Hopkins! Please Anwser

Technicolor Liver

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Muse- think Queen mixed with Radiohead, loud but emotional. Most amazing live band on the planet. Starlight is my personal fav but that may be the most commercial track on the album.


Keane- think David Bowie, Talking Heads, Human League, Talk Talk making an album together today. The 80's in the 00's. Better Than This is my fav here.


Jon Hopkins- think ambient rave mixed with sonic shoegaze sounds. Eno, Seefeel, Spacemen 3, MBV. The new album Insides only available on Itunes for now is his best album. Light Through the Veins is best track. Coldplay fans will recognise this.


All good albums in very different ways. Hope you chose well...:)

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Jon Hopkins supported Coldplay on tour and, I have to say, I wasn't inspired to go out and buy any of his music! (Sorry Jon. Console yourself with all the royalties you'll get as a 'co-writer' on the Coldplay album!) As has already been pointed out, Light Through The Veins is sampled by Coldplay on LIT and DALHF from the new album. But, having heard the actual track itself, it's pleasant but very repetitive - there's nothing different other than what's used by Coldplay.


Haven't heard the Muse album. I find them quite hard to listen to, heavy going but musically very complex and challenging.


Perfect Symmetry is, for me, slightly weird, but Keane should be commended for changing their sound. Some of the production is very 80s, but I'd certainly recommend it. Just don't expect a smooth continuation of the sound of their first two albums.

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The only record I really know (and LOVE :D) is Keane's new album Perfect Symmetry. And I can only agree with the others on what's been said about its style... It really DOES sound pretty 80s-ish which isn't bad at all in my opinion... Of course you can't compare it to their former records, but I think it speaks FOR the band's immense development and their will to try some new things. :) The songs I would highly recommend are called "Perfect Symmetry" and "Black burning heart"!

Well, I can't say much about "Black Holes and revelations" as I only know two songs of the whole album, but the ones that I have sound really great, so I actually can recommend "Starlight" and "Supermassive Black Hole". :)

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Ive only heard Muse & Keane but I definitely recommend buying both albums!

Keane > Black Burning Heart or Perfect Symmetry

Muse > maybe start off with Starlight and then move on to Knights Of Cydonia/ City Of Delusion/ Hoodoo

But buy both albums as they are both great!

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Woot! Muse :D


Starlight & Supermassive Black Hole are the most 'radio friendly' commercial tracks, and to be honest Starlight is the song that got me listening to Muse in the first place.


Knights of Cydonia is epic, but I also love Take A Bow. Not to mention all the tracks in-between :laugh3:

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Muse - Knights of Cydonia is indeed epic, a brilliant closer to the album.


Keane - You Haven't Told Me Anything has a really awsome groove to it and Perfect Symmetry is brilliant classic Keane.


Jon Hopkins - I wouldn't recommend anything from Hopkins. When I saw him supporting Coldplay at the O2 arena in London I found his music very dull, boring and uninspiring. I guess its good music to relax or fall asleep too otherwise his songs are rather depressing.

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