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A Riddle


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The riddle is impossible to solve, because you did not tell us how often you wear a Coldplay shirt. if I knew that I could figure it out.


edit: you would also have to say exactly how many "other" shirts you have. "30+" is not an exact number.... in other words.. this riddle is unsolvable.

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NO cos Briggins doesn't like Coldplay :rolleyes:


Well I did travel to Texas to see them.


well if he said that he has 2 coldplay shirts, then it's possible that he's wearing one of them ;)


It is possible that I am.

But also possible that I am not.

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It's not a riddle - it's a question of probability. You have a 2 in 30 chance, or a 1 in 15 chance of wearing a Coldplay shirt on any given day, or to be more exact, you are 6.666666% likely to be wearing one of your Coldplay shirts, thus on that basis, I conclude it is far more probable that today you are not wearing a Coldplay shirt.





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no...this is probably wrong so here it goes anyways...u asked if u were wearing any coldplay shirts...and then u said u always wear tshirts...so no u are not wearing a coldplay shirt...haha this is probably wrong...



that was gonna be my answer...thats all i could come up with.


but Mr. Briggins why are you buying shirts if all you wear is tshirts?

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does this riddle have to do something with wether the glass is half full or half empty....?

then i would suggest it's half full - errrhhh i mean: yes he owns a coldplay t-shirt.(harrumph):glasses:





just kidding.....













ok ok...it really seems to be a question of calculus of probability, a pure maths-question, right? more than a riddle i think. it's like asking, well... the sun shines on 15 days a year, the year has 365 days...so does the sun shine?


(correct answer: just look out of the window dude!) :P

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