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Grizzly Bear...


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I don't think a thread for this band has been posted yet so i figured I'd do so.


News just came out that they're gonna be releasing their new album in may and it's called "Veckatimest"




01 Southern Point

02 Two Weeks

03 All We Ask

04 Fine for Now

05 Cheerleader

06 Dory

07 Ready, Able

08 About Face

09 Hold Still

10 While You Wait for the Others

11 I Live With You

12 Foreground


more about it : http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/news/149176-grizzly-bear-reveal-veckatimest-cover-tracklist



I'm really excited for the new album especially for the song "Two Weeks"... great song


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although im waiting for a better rip (buying it when its released) so i can listen more this has just took over animal collective as album of the year so far,this is gonna be a classic.

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could u please translate that to indie english. ;)


:P I'll leave it up to the imagination. It could be highly addictive. Or it could be an old person's butt crack. The reader can decide.



The remix is pretty bomb digity too.

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