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Your first avatar and signature


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I don't believe I've seen such a thread before


Anyway - what was your first avatar and signature?


I found mine tonight in the Coldplaying Gallery - for some reason I had retardedly uploaded it to the gallery because other people were. Other people removed theirs, mine got shuffled into the Coldplaying Banners section for some strange reason, I don't feel like removing it because I like giggling at the noobishness of my first sig and avatar.


Behold! First sig and avatar! (not sure which avatar was first but the last one was definitely the one I used most)






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........I don't have one.

I can't think of a good one. (Anyone have any suggestions?)


your favorite band member. or the whole band. or a pic of yourself :)


and i too think we should only fuss about duplicate threads if the original was still recently used. if it's been years since a thread was posted in....then i dont think we should worry about it.


cant remember my first siggy and im too lazy to look for my first avi.

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