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The Last Conan is tonight


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Its sad that he is leaving :bigcry:, but at least he will still be on televsion as a talk show host, hopefully pulling it off in his new territory, whats sadder is the new shitty host thats gonna be taking over, Jimmy Fallon or someone is it?!

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oh man I never saw this thread I would have come in earlier. but yeah I totally bawled my eyes out when I watched his final episode. I know that he'll still be on TV but it seriously won't be the same.. and I'm so mad that I never got tickets to go see him. I had been calling for the last year and a half trying to get tickets to a taping but there were never any available. :bigcry:

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Jonathan Ross's house band - 4 Poofs and a piano. You don't get much out of an interview when it's by Ross.

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