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Hello, let me introduce myself


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Hello!!! I became a member in Feb. Should have been here along time ago.

Got turned on with Coldplay 6 years ago, since I have caught up on all their cd's. I am going to see them in Tampa in Aug. can't wait. Reading all of the threads and trying to feel my way around here, I find to be one of the older folks who find this band amazing. I am 46, yep, yikes, but I am a rocker and my teens think I am pretty cool.:) Mr. Martin is a hottie for sure.:)

I am of 5 sibs, who were all born in London, parents were too, all my aunts and uncles are still there, I was born in the states. So hello, and I have a feeling I will fit right in.


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That's awesome, I live in Jersey and don't know when I'll ever get to see them. I completely missed it when they came around and now I regret not going eternally. Maybe somehow I can make it to Florida..can't count on it though, Money is tight! Lol... I'm Vivi by the way, and I'm also new. Joined last night, and I most of the well-being of my mind to Coldplays beautiful music. I would have gone crazy without it. :D

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