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VanBeem says hello


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Hey everyone, I'm Jordan van Beem :) (Dutch last name, although I'm English. Lived in Belgium for 7 years)


Came across this forum when looking for info about the World Stage gig, I must say it's a pretty awesome forum you guys have got here:D


I play the piano, and I'm in the middle of learning Postcards From Far Away.

I saw Coldplay at Sheffield Arena in December and it was absolutely mind blowing! I can't believe they played in the middle of the audience!


A Rush Of Blood To The Head is my favourite Coldplay album although Prospekt's March closely follows. Then again I like em all :D


Although I like Viva La Vida and the whole culture theme behind it, I'm not overly keen on the costumes they're wearing now, I don't dislike em, just prefer without haha.


Quite excited about the next Coldplay album which apparently is set for an end of 2009 release, can't wait! Although that is very soon :S

Woo Brian Eno!


Anyway, enough about me!

I look forward to posting!



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