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The Joseph Arthur Thread

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AHHHHHH!! Now i know who he is!! A friend recently copied me a whole bunch of CDR's and some of them aren't marked except for the artist's name, and this one just says "Joe Arthur" ...will have to listen now, i haven't yet...i've just been staring at the thing wondering who the hell is Joe Arthur???? :rolleyes:

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Yes, In the Sun is Joseph Arthurs song - I am always AMAZED that this guy is not a MAJOR star!!! His music is fantastic - I have all of his albums. He is also an artist and I have an original print by him as well.



I am VERY happy that he is on tour soon, and I have a ticket to see him in a small club (only 150 seats) in Vancouver in July, just before I am seeing Coldplay at the Pemberton Festival. What a week that will be!!!!!



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