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Metallica vs. Coldplay


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Lol I actually filled out that bracket yesterday on facebook by pure chance. Naturally I chose Coldplay, but in terms of predicting the result, its gonna be closer than some people think, I think. I mean, Metallica are legendary, but aren't as widely listened to as Coldplay. Sort of tough battling the Mainstream. But since Fuze (is it Fuze?) and the poll are mainly "rock n'roll" oriented (as it should be) there's also gonna be some seriously heavy opposition to Coldplay. I imagine many people who don't even listen to Metallica will instinctively vote against our boys. So Metallica probably has the edge.

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nothing else compares > nothing else matters.


haha good answer


nothing else matters is the best metallica song imo :)


well metallica is a band known by everyone everywhere it's the symbol of rock

yeah coldplay is the band i love the most

but i would say Metallica is better

even if i voted for coldplay :tongue:

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just a question to all the people saying coldplay are better or metallica are better. why and how are they better?


are you saying that kirk is a better guitarist than jonny? so metallica are better

or chris is a better singer than james? therefore coldplay are better

rush of blood is better than master of puppets?


i admire anyone who has the guts to compare these two bands. you must be hearing things that im not.

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