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Anna is THE SueDeNimes ;)


Look what Chris said about his father,

"Q: Do you still get stage fright?

A: Sometimes I get it within a concert if a particular person's expression catches me. For example, if I see a guy with his arms folded looking a bit bored, then I get nervous. Only for an instant and then it comes right back. The problem is it's often my dad.


Q: You need to start giving him the bleacher seats.

A: Right. Send him to the back."


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some fans want to be fans for their music and some want to be bigger fans than that
I wouldn't call it 'bigger'. I'd call it 'creepier'.


I never understand the urge to want to know like favorite colors of bandmembers or who they are dating. I love their music, and that I don't give apeshit about how they want their coffee doesn't mean I love their music less than any other fan.

(I'm not trying to attack crushed fangirls, please, I am just stating that I feel like I don't understand this kind of obsession)

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