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hey hey

Kame camilio

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hello... i would go into the normal cliché intro to myself, but i'm sure you've heard enough of that already from other peeps, i know i have. so i'm just going to cover the crucials, and skip the rest.


My name is Calieb (kae-lib), and i am a recovering alcoholic... lol, no.. i'm totally kidding.... .... .... but i do have writers block......


i'm a junior in high school in a dumpy little town in the unknown reaches of Alabama, the second worst state in America (this isn't just my opinion, it's a fact posted be the federal census bureau, the absolute worst is mississippi... not even worth capitalizing the "m")


anyway, my thoughts are deep and seemingly far-fetched to the average joe.... actually, their far-fetched to me sometimes, but who can i judge, their my thoughts, stay out of my head, thank you very much....


yea.. sooo... there it is! bye

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