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i dont do the church part. or the grandparents/cousins part. no ham. my dad dont smoke no pipe. :P


This was just an image I was creating ;)


"Summertimeee and the livin is easy... you're daddy's rich, and your momma's good-lookin'" :D

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Excuse me, I am not being racist thank you as I was talking about jelly beans. I happen to like the black jellybeans more than the other ones.


I was clearly only jesting, hence the :rolleyes:. Plus I was simultaneously taking the p*ss out of certain individuals who think it's racist to suggest someone likes sheep or porridge.:lol:

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Well then it's okay now I know you were only joking.


That should have been pretty obvious, even without the :rolleyes:.



Back to topic. I had 2 creme eggs today and then I nearly had a 3rd.


How greedy! The way you're going you'll end up being sick!!:P

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Sorry to put a dampener on the thread, but Easter has always seemed like the most pointless and eventless of all holidays. I forgot it was tomorow, last year I forgot as well, I dont even like chocolate.



.........................or Coldplay.:rolleyes:

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