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Your Coldplay Set list


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If you could chose a set list with 19 songs, which songs you pick?


Here's mine:


1. Life In Technicolour ii

2. Violet Hill

3. Prospekts march

4. The Scientist

5. Strawberry Swing

6. Lovers in Japan

7. Cemetries of London

8. 42

9. Speed of sound

10. Politik

11. Viva La Vida

12. LOST +

13. Glass of Water

14. swallowed in the sea

15. Warning Sign

16. Yellow



17. Amsterdam

18. Fix you

19. Death and All His Friends -The Escapist



so what's yours ? :D

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it would definitely take me too long to figure out the perfect order, but i would have:


talk ( with the bassline as played on the album, mr. berryman :whip: )

violet hill


things i dont understand

speed of sound instrumental


a rush of blood to the head

strawberry swing

death and all his friends

life in technicolor (the short one)


crests of waves

postcards from far away


yes/chinese sleep chant

square one


i ran away

cemetaries of london

and i would force them to do The Nappies :P

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Life In Technicolor


Speed Of Sound

Cemetaries Of London



Dont Panic

Green Eyes (acoustic-because that was awesome)

Life Is For Living (acoustic)

Til Kingdom Come (acoustic)

Viva La Vida

Lovers In Japan

Fix You


(encore 1)

Square One


The Scientist


(encore 2)

Life in Technicolor 2


Everything's Not Lost. (The Escapist)

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this is waaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated. i only have a top 4, then every other song is tied for #5.

so this what i'm able to give an actual number to:

1. violet hill (single greatest song ever)

2. cemeteries of london

3. clocks

4. the scientist

5. shiver, yellow, a message, white shadows...hell everything is tied for 5

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1.) Life in Technicolor II

2.) We Never Change

3.) Violet Hill (with piano instead of guitar at the end!)

4.) Clocks

5.) Warning Sign

6.) Speed Of Sound

7.) Cemeteries Of London

8.) Don't Panic

9.) Yellow

10.) Glass Of Water

11.) Lost (acoustic version)

12.) Talk

13.) Lovers in Japan


1st encore:


14.) 42

15.) The Scientist

16.) Strawberry Swing


2nd encore:


17.) The Goldrush!

18.) Viva La Vida

19.) Fix You

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Hmmmm.... Let's see... It would be hard to chose just 19, but here it goes...


1. Politik

2. Viva la Vida

3. What If?

4. In My Place (Acoustic... It's so beautiful...)

5. Yellow

6. 42

7. Glass of Water

8. The Scientist (Studio Version, or Acoustic... can't choose. :P)

9. Cemeteries of London

10. Moses

11. Gravity

12. Talk

13. Twisted Logic

14. Strawberry Swing

15. Life is For Livin'



16. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

17. See You Soon



18. Clocks

19. Til Kingdom Come

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mwah!!! my setlist! :kiss: would be this!:


1) Politik

2)Violet Hill

3)White Shadows

4)We Never Change


6)The Scientist


8)Speed of Sound


10)Fix You

11)Viva la Vida

12)Cemetaries of London

13) Prospekts March



16)A Rush of Blood to the Head

17)Lovers in Japan

18)Dont Panic




20) Yes, CSC

21)Till Kingdom Come

22) Swallowed in the Sea

23) Square One

24) Death and all of His Friends/ Escapist





and some others would be Sleeping Sun, Proof, Ran Away



and yes i would force them to do the Nappies too!! :lol: and make them reinact it too!!! with Chris AND Guy without their shirts in the end beatboxing!!! :laugh3:

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my wishes would be


1. the scientist

2. warning sign

3. proof

4. I ran away

5. square one

6. in my place

7. chinese sleep chant

8. clocks

7. yes

8. gravity

9. crest of waves


10. death and all his friends

11. prospects march

12. green eyes

13. low

14. daylight

15. reign of love

16. yellow




17. arobtth

18. politik

19. I ran away (again)

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Great thread, my wishlist for VLV Tour would be:


- Intro: Life in technicolor I - does not count as a track, just an intro *lol*

- Viva la vida

Short break

- Don't panic

- Spies

- Parachutes/ High Speed

- Trouble

- Politik

- Clocks

- The scientist

- A rush of blood to the head

- Amsterdam


- Speed of sound

- Fix you

- 'Til kingdom come

- Goldrush ;)

- Lost!

- Violet hill

- Lovers in japan (acoustic)

- 42

- Postcards from far away/Death and all his friends

- Outro

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1. Viva la Vida (yes, this song would drive people nuts at once, i think it'll be good opening)

2. Violet Hill

3. Don't Panic

4. Talk

5. Warning Sign

6. Yes

7. Square One

8. Clocks

9. Prospekt's March/Postcards from Far Away (i just kinda like this pairing :))

10.Life in Technicolor ii

11. Fix You

12. Lost!

13. Amsterdam

14. The Scientist

15. Strawberry Swing

16. Politik

17. Lovers in Japan

18. Death and All His Friends/The Escapist




19. In My Place

20. Yellow

21. The Hardest Part (acoustic version with piano)

22. Glass of Water

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1. Square One

2. Politik

3. Cemeteries of London

4. Yellow

5. Violet Hill

6. Clocks

7. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Not Techno and with the awesomeness at the end)

8. What If

9. Chinese Sleep Chant

10. Everything's Not Lost

11. Speed Of Sound

12. Prospect's March

13. Viva la Vida

14. Lost!

15. White Shadows

16. Lovers In Japan



17. Talk

18. The Scientist

19. Life In Technicolor II


--Encore-- (MORE THAN 20 ;D)


20. Death and All His Friends

21. Fix You

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my setlist would be:

1. Politik

2. Square one

3. Violet hill

4. Lost!

5. Hardest part/postcards from far away

6. Viva la vida

7. Reign of love

8. Lovers in japan

9. Yes

10. Bigger stronger

11. Only superstition

12. Proof

13. Strawberry swing

14. Life in technicolor ii

15. Rainy day

16. 42


17. Yellow

18. Dont panic

19. Clocks

20. Death and all his friends


21. Swallowed in the sea

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Originally Posted by illuvcoldplay;2997304

I've never heard I ran away sFun_yoohoo.gif but I guess Katja must love it so I'm off to go listen


I Ran Away is a fantastic song, you'll love it :D



Brummie and Lauren I listened to it and I love it

you have to understand Lauren thaat most of those things arent sold here and I'd have to get them from the internet and i had herad some of their other songs but i wasnt aware that they had bsides until a short while ago....

The only coldplay songs that have ever been played on the radio in Barbados were yellow, clocks, speed of sound LOST and Viva La Vida so now you understand....

coldplaya, sleep and CM awesome stelists :D

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1) Politik

2) Brothers and Sisters

3) Things I don't Understand

4) The Scientist

5) Only Superstition

6) Sparks

7) Strawberry Swing

8) Yes

9) Gravity

10) See You Soon

11) Animals

12) Easy To Please

13) Careful Where You Stand

14) Green Eyes

15) A rush of blood...

16) Viva La Vida




17) I Ran Away/ Crest of waves :)

18) Everything's Not Lost

19) Fix You

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