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Elbow question.


Okay i really like Elbow a lot but I was just thinking I don't have a clue what the words are to Asleep in the back (the song). I just can't decipher them even though Ive listen to 100s of times! Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?? Help..! :oops: :)

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Were you crushed

Did I rush you

All my time is yours

My twisted heart is yours

The faithless shit is yours

The shameless fits of love that only smother you for moments

Until I fold them up and leave

All yours



Oh you had to ask didn’t you (x2)

Oh you had to know


Show your scars

Not to rush you

The hieroglyphic hints in all the toilet scrawl

Guilty little pins

And all the things I never talk about

Are spilling with the gin

Test how tough you are

All yours




Not to rush you

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it's time to start talking about Elbow

They just put out their new record Cast of Thousands

I just got it today, it's V good. :)

There's one song, Grace Under Pressure, where they include the crowd from their Glastonbury gig of 2002 in the song itself, singing the line, "We still believe in love so fuck you"

and in the liner notes they included names of people who were at their gig...which i guess they gathered from fan sites or something...I wish I was there now!

I think that's a classy gesture by a classy band :cool:


Check them out. Dr's orders. :D

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*gives thread some ahem "elbow" room*




ooooooh ive listened to the album about 10 times now, LOVE it! its right up there w/ Absolution and HTTT as my fave UK albums of the year.


The 5th song Switching Off...wow..*sigh* It's sooooo beautiful


it's got this line: You the only sense the world has ever made


Lovely. :)

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