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The official Coldplaying.com favourate Coldplay album! Vote Now


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I have heard many views to which album people love the most but i want to no for sure.

Im going to do a poll and let it run for 2 week. By then we should see which album coldplay fans love the most.

After you have voted discuss it with your fellow coldplayers. State why you love this particular album and why it sets itself ahead of all the others.


Let the battle of Coldplayers favourate coldplay album commence.


EDIT: Please leave your reasons for chosing the album you have voted for.

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it was a tough call for me between Viva La Vida and AROBTTH but i have gone for viva la vida simply because I found it so different to the others, in my opinion its more creative and more challenging, its still coldplay with a twist tho! I loved it and i hope there next album is even better

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This sounds easy, but it isn't ...

But I can actually bump VLV the whole time, gives me chills, brings me into a good mood.

Everytime I hear LiT I want to jump and dance in circles. :D

X&Y is great for evenings or "dark" moods.

AROBTTH is a real nice album, probably the best of the boys, but it isn't my fav.

P is also really good, but I like the other albums more.

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Love VLVODAAHF. The whole album is just so complete. Not one song feels out of place, and I never find myself skipping over certain songs. The other albums have one or two tracks I don't really care for. I'd have to say AROBTTH is second, then X&Y, then Parachutes.

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I voted for Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, because that's the album that made me obssessed with Coldplay. I hadn't really heard much of Coldplay before that album. Since the first time I heard Viva La Vida at the MTV movie awards last year I was hooked. I love all the albums now that I've heard all them but VLVODAAHF is the one that is most special to me.

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Mhmm, that's tough!


I voted Parachutes, but it actually shares the first place with X&Y.

Then I can't decide between AROBTTH and VLV!!

AROBTTH has IMP on it and I listened to it a lot around the time after my A-levels etc...

But it's the album I listen to the least.


Actually I listen to live recordings most of the time and those include songs from all albums :thinking:

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i love a rush of blood to the head because it has many of my favorite songs


in my place

the scientist


god put a smile upon your face

and thats most of the album already.

i love how deep the songs are and beautiful, and they have a lot of piano in them.they are very relaxing.

and also this is the album that helped me discover coldplay and figure out they were the ones who also played "yellow" and "trouble"

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every song on there is pure gold, except a whisper.

which sucks:lol:




No songs on AROBTTH suck!


i agree a whisper is the only song that is out of place in that album

"crests of waves" should have been in its place and then the album would be 100% perfect!


they just should of listened to Guy and put it on teh album :smug:

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