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Is Chris okay?


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I just read on Last.fm that BBC reported he was hit by a drunk driver while jogging near his home, and later died of his wounds at a nearby hospital. Tell me it's not true, please! :cry:


Ohhh that's a horrible rumour. Yeah they're definitely in America at the moment.



Do we know for sure that it's Chris? Is it possible that this is actually Guy, Jonny or Will-related? Whatever it is or whoever it concerns, I hope the boys are alright.

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Oh man.

NOT funny.


NOOOOOT funny at alll.


PHEW. I knew it wasn't ture... but DAMN...


Could you imagine...? No NO NONONO. Don't imagine that.


I dont think its funny at all...either.

Its to do with his voice I think.



n Coldspot.....why dont you just shut up!

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