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Coldplaying and Coldplayzone users meeting for Wembley gigs!


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Hy mates,


after talking with Ian, i'm really sure this stuff could collect your opinions.


Coldplay will perform in Wembley two different gigs in September (as you yet know). Coldplayzone users (Coldplayzone is the site i'm managing about Coldplay, the Italian one) want to meet Coldplaying users during that period of time in London.


My idea (supported by Ian as well) is to organize a meeting between the two sites' users. I already know about a picnic that will be hold on September, 20th in a park.


I wish to know if someone wants to meet us on September, 17th in a pub in London (i thought about one where Coldplay performed one of the very first gigs - waiting for your suggestions!), to organize a choreography in Wembley Stadium with a lot of confetti (i can explain to you how we can manage everything in a second time) and a football match - Italy vs. England, a friedly one! :) - in the same park of picnic's one.


What do you think about it?


Coldplayzone's fellowship in Wembley will be composed by almost 50 people from Italy, so we wish to spend the best time of our lifes in London with every clever people among Coldplay fans... eg you!


We wish to create a meeting, just to know each other personally (there will be there Iriden, dylan86, me and a lot of other people) and to celebrate this big party.


Waiting for your opinions!


Thanks in advance!



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I'd love to see you guys wherever you are :)


The pub sounds good - I guess you mean either The Dublin Castle (first gig as Coldplay) or the one round the corner from the flat where the band first formed? This one is a little hard to get to. The Dublin Castle has gigs on so might be a but noisy if a band are playing!


The football I would love to join in, but the day after the concert?? I might be a little hungover I'm afraid :D

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or the one round the corner from the flat where the band first formed? This one is a little hard to get to.

Agree that it's hard to get there... That wouldn't be good to choose for the meet-up... but the food is yummy :D


And they have cool coffee mugs! :lol:


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If there are potentially 50+ people you can look for a place that will let you have an area for a 'party' with control of the music (cd player, ipod into sound system, whatever is possible) for a night of Coldplay :dance:


I'm sure if there is no other event on The Dublin Castle is a possibility, but if not hundreds of places in London would be glad to welcome such a crowd!

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Fun Idea!!!

I certainly won't be able to go to the meeting on the 17th as I can't ask for too many days off work to go - and stay - in London, but I'm surely up for the picnic on the 20th. And whoever doesn't manage to go on the 17th, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time on the queue to learn the choreography!!


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We have to try to write up all these ideas just to collect the confirmations of your presence!

London, September 17th - Dublin Castle (?????) - start h 20.30 - Coldplayzone/Coldplaying meeting


Who'll be there:






Please reply this post with the name of who wants to take part to!

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