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here to say hey!


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hey everyone! I'm playyourlife I guess, don't know if I should put my name out there yet (yeah kinda new to this). I love coldplay a lot, and have grown up with their music (no, I'm not that old so this is possible) and went to my first coldplay concert at the gorge at george in washington this july. one of the best nights ever :) anyway I love playing any sports, and guitar (first song I learned was parachutes! and then don't panic and strawberry swing) and I love music. and skiing. and my fave coldplay song is politik, right by strawberry swing and death and all his friends I guess. it changes a lot.


so yep! thats me. hope to meet some cool coldplaying fans and such. theyre a pretty big inspiration to me so I'm immersing myself! :cool:


oh yeah, and I'm from canada

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yeahh you should try it! not sure where you live, might be hard to find a mountain but its pretty sick. I go 5 days a week. its a good life...


5 days a week? Good grief...you live on a mountain then? I live in a place called Richmond... there are some mountains about 90 minutes northwest of me, but they're pretty weak.

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haha nope I dont live on a mountain. well i dunno I live in some hills... in Alberta. but right on the edge of the rockies. I have a cabin on a mountain though. but there's no snow right now, so I'm headed to austria! anyway wtf am I doing on the comp. at like 3 am, aha. I guess I can answer that, coldplaying is awesome! Im likin it. see ya around josh, and everyone! :D

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