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Coldplay at Manchester 12th (UFO?)


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this has been bugging me for the past week so I thought I would post and ask on here. Did anyone who went to the cricket ground the other week, see like a wierd orb keep passing over? it looked like a ****ing UFO, anyway ive got a picture of it, but wondering if anyone else saw it...

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Whose idea was that bloody photo??


Oh yeah, it was mine :laugh3: I didn't expect it to reasch the front page of the forum though :stunned:


Aww Pete you look great! It's a photo to be proud of :D




Lol cheeky lass!


Yeah Pete (hello btw) you look good in that photo..

Aside from looking all feminine with the lipbalm, there's really nothing to be ashamed of :P


I am a hetrosexual male who is happy to be in touch with his feminine side :) Mind you there's a rather camp photo of me on the rope slide in the playground that Chris took that will NEVER see the light of day on this board :cool:

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