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Will you tell me how you made your signature and tell me how to make a great one too?


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Dear coldplayers :flutterby:



I'm interested in hearing the storie behind your signiture - How did you get the idea that it should look like it does and how did you make it?


Furthermore... My signitures is quite borring, not with fancy effects and so... so can you tell me how I can make a cool one? :rolleyes:


Best regards, JulieJulle :nice:

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i made my pics at the concert in nijmegen. i cutted a piece out of it, put those together, between it the same color blue als the forum has. i just love the lyric.

the red dates are coldplay concerts, the rest is just concerts i've bin to. nothing really special

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How I Made My Sig--a biography by Lhuna.


At first it was something simple, a quote by me. It was, "I just might make a Coldplay fan out of you!" And I did.


Second was a picture of Pac-Man I made on Photoshop. The caption under the picture was, "Pac-Man wrote Viva la Vida!"


Third, I wanted to get involved with the Nappies project so I helped write the song, and came up with the idea for a banner. Emily made it, I put it in my sig, along with the first 2 lines of the Nappies Recruitment Rap. And the lyrics below the Nappies part are part of a song called Sun and Moon from my favorite play, Miss Saigon. I like that song because it kinda fits in with my username. <3 Plus it's romantic.

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1. Coldplay decided on the X&Y tour to use these disposable cameras and take pics backstage, then they would walk out on stage and throw them into the crowd.


2. In Indy I happened to catch Will Champion's camera and this picture was on it.





3. Using photoshop, I removed the ice sculpture and added Jonny admission of his love for me and my statement of love for him. :lol:


4. Then I spent a shit load of money to attend many Coldplay concerts and have listed them here.


5. My blog address.

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