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2-Mar-2010: Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos

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^ hi ,where are you from?


im not from Brazil either and i have troubles with the tikets too! :/ ...



the thing you want to translate is :


"Provide your zip code in the box below and click the calculate shipping to

verify the delivery types available:


If you want to request tickets for disabled (Wheel Chair), fill

fields below, otherwise leave them blank"


how old are you? because if youre under 21 it cost the half ,like the vip costs 250 reais ,insted of 500..


thanks:) i'm from israel, right now i'm just checking.

if i don't have zip code what should i write?

if i choose will call, do i have to pay this tax of 100? 2 - Valor da taxa de conveniência = R$100.00

is the half price for all people under 21, or just for students under 21?

anyway i'm over 21.

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I think you guys'd better buy in cash. Get brazilian Real and then just call Ticketmaster and get your tickets :p


i don't understand, how can you buy in cash if you live in another state, can you explain how it's done?


another thing, is this tax applay for everyone who buy ticket?

the actual price is 500+100, 250+50, 125+25 ?

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Hm, I'm not sure if you really can buy in cash, living in another country. I think you can, if you have Brazilian Real.


And yes, everyone have to pay this tax. Which I think is pretty absurd. But, that's life.


about the tax, i don't mind paying, i wasn't sure if this tax is for some service, or just regular tax for every ticket, because i don't understand the language.

right now i'm not sure if i can go to this concert, so i haven't tried to buy a ticket yet.

do you know if there is a problem paying with international credit card (from other countries) ?

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^can you call and ask if you can buy a tiket if youre from another country? and if the 1/2 price of the tiket still its for people from other country with identity card :D


If you could :dance: would be awesome !


i called but i didnt understand much and there was just like an answer machine

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More acts announced for Brazil and Argentina dates

January 5, 2010 9:37 am

Local acts to open at upcoming shows


Good morning. We're pleased to be able to announce more acts for Coldplay's upcoming dates in Brazil and Argentina. At the Buenos Aires show on 26 February, both Banda de Turistas and Rosal will appear before Coldplay and Bat For Lashes. Meanwhile, for the gigs at Rio de Janeiro on 28 February and Sao Paulo on 2 March, the opening act will be Vanguart (pictured).


Click here for the full list of Latin American dates, with ticket links.





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Hello everybody , I'm Patricia or Paty Martin as you want. I think some people here have already known me, but nice to meet all here :).

I'll go to Morumbi São Paulo, PISTA VIP too, the price was so expensive but i don't mind , I'ts so special to me.

I have a suggestion for all here if everybody accord ok. Everybody will go to the show, could post a photo here, for know each other. What do you think?


Kisses for all.

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A atriz vencedora do Oscar e esposa do vocalista Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, acompanhará o marido durante os dias em que a banda estará no Brasil para as apresentações no Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo.


A informação foi divulgada pelo Jornal "O Dia", que também revelou que enquanto a banda estiver no Rio, a atriz ficará hospedada em uma das suítes do sexto andar do Copacabana Palace.




:dance: :dance: :dance:


It seems true ,for Chris B-day :dance: :dance:


im staying half block from that hotel :dance:



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