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2-Mar-2010: Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos

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can someone read the site and find out how on earth you get your tickets if you live in say... the United States? Can a person from another country even buy tickets?

please please please and thank you!


Alguien por favor dígame


alguien puede leer el sitio y averiguar cómo en la tierra que conseguir tus entradas si usted vive en decir ... los Estados Unidos? ¿Puede una persona de otro país, incluso comprar las entradas?

por favor, por favor, por favor y gracias!


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Enfim foram divulgados os preços dos ingressos dos dois shows que o Coldplay fará em território brasileiro no ano que vem. No show de São Paulo (Morumbi) os valores variam de R$160,00 a R$600,00. Já no Rio (Praça da Apoteose) as cifras oscilam de R$250,00 a R$600,00.





São Paulo (02-03-2010)

Local: Estádio do Morumbi

Praça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa - São Paulo - São Paulo -


Arquibancada laranja (7.500 lugares) - R$160,00

Arquibancada vermelha (4.000 lugares) - R$180,00

Arquibancada azul (8.000 lugares) - R$180,00

Arquibancada especial vermelha (4.500 lugares) - R$200,00

Cadeira superior (5.000 lugares) - R$300,00

Cadeira inferior (4.269 lugares) - R$250,00

Cadeira cativa (3.731 lugares) - R$160,00

Pista (26.000 lugares) - R$250,00

Pista VIP (5.000 lugares) - R$600,00



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I really don't get it !

Why are standing tickets so expensive ? In europe there were around 80 dollars :stunned:




Its weird :inquisitive: they are taking advantage of it,600 $ from Brazil ( Now the vip costs 500 instead of 600 ) its like 350 dollars ::stunned:


and a back place standing its like 150 dollars :veryangry2:

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still stuck, Cris.

the website doesn't seem to work for me, in ANY browser I try on my computer.

When it finally moves to the part to choose the type of ticket and amount, the dropdown menu is blank. and I tried ALL types of tickets and it's still the same...




Pedi pra Ricardo ou Kika comprarem, ver se funciona...

ah, e acabou meia vip. ou seja, mariana se fufu e vai ter de pagar quinhentão!!

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hi, i don't undestand how to buy a ticket. i don't live in brazil.


2 - Valor da taxa de conveniência = R$100.00

Ingressos para deficientes? Sim, quantidade 0


what is this tax of 100, price of vip ticket 500+100=600 ?



can someone translate this to english, please, i don't know what should i write in pass2 and 3


Forneça seu CEP no box abaixo e clique no botão calcular frete, para verificarmos as formas de entrega disponíveis:


Se você deseja solicitar ingressos para deficiente(Cadeirante), preencha os campos abaixo, caso contrário deixe-os em branco

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^ hi ,where are you from?


im not from Brazil either and i have troubles with the tikets too! :/ ...



the thing you want to translate is :


"Provide your zip code in the box below and click the calculate shipping to

verify the delivery types available:


If you want to request tickets for disabled (Wheel Chair), fill

fields below, otherwise leave them blank"


how old are you? because if youre under 21 it cost the half ,like the vip costs 250 reais ,insted of 500..

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