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2-Mar-2010: Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos

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Sarah, are you kidding me? How dare you say I'm beautiful in that picture? :freak:

We need a coldplay encounter, we'll have tons of chatting! :dance:

:rolleyes: no need to say anything about the pic!:P

But, heel yeah, we NEED to meet! I saw Paulinha, but we need to be all together! Oh, so much to remeber! :heart:

Realmente tb acho que devemos todas nos encontrar um dia, vai ser o máximo. Pena que passou tudo muito rápido.


Kisses for all


Ia ser tudo se a gente se encontrasse!!! tanta gente boa aqui que eu ia amar conhecer!:dance:

Yaaaay Brazilian coldplay meeting!

Ia ser muito MEGA MARA se pudéssemos nos encontrar todas :hug: Ai, pq o Brasil é tão grande?:(

E ellen, suas borboletinhas serão postadas ASAP, oks? Desculpa.

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Thank you very much, Cris! :hug: :kiss: I was pretending to watch it today...

Oh no, I hate when people miss such a great opportunity like this! Why ask silly questions when they have so much more to offer? :disappointed:


E um encontro geral seria realmente super legal!!! E, realmente, o tamanho do Brasil que não coopera muito.. :(

Mas, Sarah, precisamos combinar um encontro nosso mesmo! Viva os momentos nostálgicos! :smug:

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Cris, that's an adorable picture! Like Sarah said, they're all smiling! They really seem to be enjoying the moment! :nice: I haven't seen a pic with lovely smilies like those for a moment 'til this very time...

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