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93.0 °F

Matter-Eater Lad

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It's freezing here D:

it's lower than 5 degrees Celsius outside i say,


which is about

41 degrees Fahrenheit


You're lucky! Embrace the cold! Anything above 60 F is too hot for me.


You're in Florida, you can't complain.


If you spend 9-10 months out of the year in hot humid weather sweating, you would probably complain.

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I do, and I love it!!:D


Cool temperate weather all the way, baby!!:D






Seriously... living anywhere in south US or down below in Latin America... Jeez... :wreck: i would hate to live there... unless you know... we go lower lower lower and end up in Antarctica :wacky:

























Of course us careless humans are creating pollution at the greatest and the ice caps are melting...soon Antarctica and the polar bears will be gone...

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