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What is your ringtone ?


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i used to have: [Rip Out] The Wings of a Butterfly - intro, by HIM.... but i can't transfer it on my new phone :bigcry: (not via bluetooth).


so my currrent ringtone is some random one of the phone that features birds twitting or something....


i miss my Silence 4 ones thought. (yes there's like 3 years since i had a coldplay song as ringtone, which was Clocks).

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For Map of the Problematic I had to turn down the volume otherwise it's loud whereas for Clocks the sound is ok. When I'm in a noisy area such as the Champs-Elysees, the biggest avenue in Paris, I put the buzzer or ... the American police siren ! In that case only i can hear my mobile phone ringing in that area. The traffic in the street is huge and very noisy.

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My ringtones vary depending on the person calling me. Unknown callers' ringtone is 42. My dad's ringtone is the Marine Corp Hymn and my mom's is WVU Mountaineers fight song. I also have Speed of Sound, Glass of Water, Politik, and Lovers in Japan


I need some more ringtones but I've been too lazy to actually do the editing for the songs. LOL!!

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