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15-Oct-2009: Keep A Child Alive Black Ball, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City [Chris Martin Only]


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Thanks for posting these pictures of Alicia Keys and Chris Martin.


But it is strange to see Chris wear these clothes and a tie.


Is it just me - or doesn't Chris look older on these pictures? Even older than his age?


It must be the clothes! I had trouble in recognizing him.


And looking like that I do not find him sexy! I think his hair is way too short. :(


But his hair will grow (out) again - thank God. :)


I agree, he looks older in that attire, but I actually don't care:smug:he is hot in everything I can imagine:lol:

I miss VLV suite:cry::cry: And I miss Guy, Jonny and Will, where on earth are they?!!!

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Remember how I said I wasn't going to make it yesterday. I ended up going there with my sister after we saw "A Steady Rain" (BTW, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are very nice & hot in real life). We got to Hammerstein Ballroom around 10pm. We waited and waited and waited until 1am, it was friggin cold outside. No luck seeing Chris, we saw a lot of other celebrities though. Terence Howard gave us weird looks, he's a good looking man but no we were not there for him.


At about 12am, music started playing. Alicia Keys played her song "No One," I think Chris joined her for the last "oh oh oh" chorus. Then played one other song we couldn't make out. Then "Clocks" start playing, I am not sure if I heard a backing band just piped in backing music. It was nice to hear anything after waiting for so long, I did a little happy dance. Chris sounded good and didn't hear any big differences with the song other than Chris saying something at the end. We assume he was saying something about "saving the children." I think Chris maybe played "Trouble" but couldn't hear for sure. Then VLV came on. And for everyone wondering, Alicia Keys and backing instrumentals filled in for Will. She did a admirable job but she's no Will. And that was pretty much all the live music we heard for the night.

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First, I think Chris must be a little pathological....


I mean can he ever just take a break already. I'm sure the other guys are chilling, vacationing, taking it easy....


But not Chris, he'a playing the Bridge School Benefit too in a week, both nights too. Selfishly I'm thrilled, cuz I'm going, and I can't wait to see him, but I wonder if he just over extends himself sometimes to the point of exhaustion -or if it affects his family life at all.


Ohh, I just worry about my little Cwissy Wissy:\ heehee



I'm not saying it keeps me up at night or anyting but , does anyone else worry about that affecting the health of the band at times too?


I agree. Is great he's helping out charities but it hasn't even been a month since he came off tour! And yet already he's flying out and doing gigs. He's been sick for a while, he was still rocking that massive scarf during rehearsals.


He's just a workaholic I guess, can't just do nothing.

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