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Chipmunk Wants Coldplay Collaboration


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UK hip-hop star Chipmunk has revealed that he would like to collaborate with Coldplay's Chris Martin.


The 'Oopsy Daisy' singer said that he is a big fan of Martin and described the indie band as "the greatest" in their field.


"Who would I like to work with in the future? I would like to work with Chris Martin. Yeah, yeah. I like Coldplay," he told DS.


"I just want to go out of the box. I want to work with people who are the greatest in whatever they did. I'm just preparing myself."


The singer, who releases his debut LP I Am Chipmunk today, also admitted that he is a fan of The X Factor.


"Shows like X Factor, I think they're pretty cool man. Personally, I wouldn't go on a show like that because I've got to walk around Tottenham. But they can work for certain people," he said.


"Especially all the acts that have come through this year - they're all cool. Alexandra Burke is heavy. JLS are heavy."



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Bwaha, seems like no one outside of Britian has heard of this named-after-a-rodent half pint. :P He's only 18 and quite new to the mainstream music scene. I actually quite like the stuff he's done so far, it may be kinda lacking in depth but his songs are so darn catchy!! :lol: I'm not sure though that I like the idea of him collaborating with Chris or CP. Don't see it happening anytime soon either! But it's nice to hear he has love and respect for them, esp coming from his type of musical background, makes me appreciate him more! :)

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