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Music you discovered/listened to for the first time/began to like a lot more in 2009?


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For me, it's basically everything I listen to now. Alphabetically:


Animal Collective

I still can't say I like what I've heard so far, I guess I should listen to more.



Discovered them through my appreciation for Guy Berryman, I think it was sometime around end of winter. I don't like them as much as I used to.


Arcade Fire


Arctic Monkeys

When I listened to their first album in... June(?), I didn't like it. When I listened to Favourite Worst Nightmare, I thought it was a lot better, and since then I slowly began liking it more and more. After a while I listened to Humbug, liked it, but FWM stayed my fave. Recently I've started to appreciate Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not more, and last week I started watching live videos (and had a watch party with Sara [noonsun] and Eddie [italian Plastic]) so all in all, they're pretty much my favourite band now.


Bat for Lashes

Still discovering, I like what I've heard so far.


The Beatles



This was love at the first listen. Still discovering.



I started liking them in 2008 but it wasn't until early this year when I listened to all of the albums.


Death Cab for Cutie

This was love at the first listen too.


Depeche Mode

Still discovering.


Grizzly Bear

I'm still getting into their music. I like Veckatimest and I'll give Yellow House another chance soon.


Fleet Foxes



Franz Ferdinand

I liked them for some time but then it wore off.


The Fray



James Morrison


Jason Mraz

I don't like him as much as I used to. Haven't listened to his music in a while.


Jeff Buckley

I would like to thank Ren [Knight Of Cydonia] for this one. Still discovering.


The Killers

I am pretty indifferent to their music.


The Last Shadow Puppets

Accidentally discovered them last week, while I was looking up some Arctic Monkeys info.


Lily Allen

[same comment as for The Killers]



Was pretty indifferent to Fantasies at first, now I love it. Still discovering.



I had already heard about them some time ago, but this year I actually got around to listening to the albums.



Still discovering.


Owl City



Still discovering.



It was awesome getting into their music, album by album. I've still got some less known songs (b-sides, unreleased) to listen to.


Sigur Rós

Still discovering.


Snow Patrol


Thom Yorke



Still discovering.



Maybe I forgot some.

What you should do in this thread is post your own lists, with comments if you wish. It can be something you listened to for the first time, something that you realised is amazing, something that you tried listening to but didn't like, ... stuff like that. Also feel free to comment on other people's lists or suggest some music.





I would like to add a few I previously forgot:





Kanye West

I thought his newest album was okay, but I haven't listened to any of the songs in months so I guess it's not really for me.


Led Zeppelin

I've listened to only one album, didn't really catch my attention.


Michael Jackson

[same comment as for Led Zeppelin]


Mike Gondek

If you don't know who this is, it's a guy from this forum, and his username is the_gloaming09.





Pink Floyd

Listened to The Wall... meh.



I basically listened to Brand New Day once or twice and then forgot about it.


Way Out West


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Still discovering, I like what I've heard so far.



I'll add a few by whom I've heard at least one song, so I definitely need to listen to more:


Dave Matthews Band


Dutch Uncles

Eddie Johnston (he's on this forum, username Italian Plastic)


The Frames



And some music by artists from this area, all together known as ex-Yu rock.

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this year U2 overtook RHCP as my favourite band.


also, I got into the likes of


Coldplay (obviously),

Counting Crows,

The Cribs,

Bruce Springsteen,

The Gaslight Anthem,


Joy Division,

Led Zeppelin,


Franz Ferdinand,


Them Crooked Vultures


and Prince.


a pretty musically active year, I'd say. :smug:

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Cathy Davey

My friends went to see her one night and advised me to listen to her.


Mick Flannery

A friend gave me his albums, and her brother has all these weird anicdotes with him.


Little Joy

I got in to this band after wandering through itunes.


Bon Iver

Same as little joy, i saw the reviews for it were very high.



After hearing they were supporting coldplay i got their album.


Fionn Regan

After remembering his song on an advert :laugh3: and then i got his eps and albums from my aunt.


Fleet Foxes

Just another album I borrowed from a friend :D



Then just new artists of 09 like

Florence and the machine, White Lies , mumford and sons and so on

just through radio play and music tv.

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Well, I woke up in bed with him this morning, and, we're married and everything. If you want him, this will have to turn into a movie plot!


That's not the real Zach Condon, that's just a clone! The REAL Zach Condon is right here next me, laughing at how you fell for our evil trap! He's also telling me I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, so HA! Take that! :gorgeous:

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Well, this year has been a year of growth for me as far as the music world is concerned, and a lot of that is thanks to the lovely people here on the Coldplaying forum. For that, I thank you. :)


Anyway. Time for the big list. This will merely contain the artists I have come to know and like. Here we go:


Bat for Lashes

It was Julie, I believe, who I first saw mention her. I thought the name sounded interesting, and I decided to check it out. I need to make more time to listen to her, because the music is nice. Her voice is calming, and I appreciate her use of the harpsichord.



I saw a download thread. I downloaded. It was one of the best decisions I have made this year. Zach Condon is brilliant. I believe his rendition of "Le Moribond" will be my favorite song that he ever does for quite some time. :wacky:


Bloc Party

I have actually heard of them before, back when they first started with songs like "Banquet" and "Helicopter" (which is really fun to play on "Guitar Hero 3," BTW.) This year, however, is when I decided to give them a proper listen. They're not as preferred as some of the other artists I have managed to discover this year, but I still like them. Songs like "Song for Clay (Disappear Here)" and "Zephyrus" are really catchy. "One More Chance" has the catchiest piano riff I've encountered in quite some time.


Bon Iver

Simple, yet beautiful. I can't say much more about that. Thank you, Justin Vernon, for your music, particuarly for the beginning of "Lump Sum." :heart:


Cage The Elephant

I downloaded the album not too long ago. "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" is the sole reason I even bothered in the first place. That song is frickin' awesome. I haven't really given the rest of the album time to grow on me.



I had a friend on a different forum I used to visit that metioned these guys sometimes in the typical "What are you listening to right now?" thread. I didn't really think about giving them a listen until I saw the talk about their upcoming album. I have the first two albums and like them rather much. The only problem I have is that Tom Smith's voice doesn't seem to have much range. Not that I have a problem with that, since the tone makes up for it.



I encountered these guys when I was trading music with a friend of mine who likes metal. This metal band has a lot of folk elements in it, and it's for this reason I think they kinda grow on me the more I listen. "On the Morning Dew" is my favorite track, and it's fully acoustic. I like metal bands that are willing to do that.



Speaking of metal, I've spent this year trying to expand my horizons as far as genres go. This Dutch symphonic metal band helped me out in that respect. Simone Simons has a lovely voice, and it's through Mark Jensen that I've learned to tolerate death grunts. I've actually come to find the contrats in the textures of their voices aesthetically pleasing.


Fleet Foxes

Briggins, I owe you infinitely for this. If it weren't for your insistence to vote for Fleet Foxes' album, I would never have YouTubed them to figure out why they were so awesome. And I must say, they are awesome, altough I still have yet to figure out exactly why. Perhaps it's the abundance of harmonizing voices. I've always been a big fan of stuff like that.



It started with the song "Ghost Opera." I fell in love at first listen. Roy Khan's voice compliments the heavy instrumentation and orchestra perfectly. It is this band that pushed me forward in the metal direction. Symphonic metal is something I've come to appreciate so much more, particularly since Kamelot doesn't use those harsh death grunts I was talking about earlier.


The Killers

I've actually known about these guys from the very beginning. I had "Hot Fuss" and loved it, as I do now. With the release of "Sam's Town," however, I disliked what I heard. "Read My Mind" was a complete turn-off from everything I had known about The Killers, and I forgot about them for a while. When I saw the download thread that was bumped (I believe Ivet had something to do with that), I decided to give them a second chance. I'm glad I did, for if I hadn't, I wouldn't have found songs like "Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll" and "Spaceman" that reminded me why I liked them in the first place.


The King's Singers

This is probably the biggest thing I've discovered this year. It all started when my friend Erica mentioned she was seeing them in October. I had never heard of them before, so she sent YouTube links my way. I'm now a hardcore fan, and with luck, I may go with her to see them. :) Anyway, the ensemble itself has been in existence for over 40 years, but I learned that it's never too late to discover something. They're the best a capella ensemble in existence. No, that's not an opinion. This is fact. :P


Le Loup

I owe Nathan for this one. I was bored, and saw he had mentioned them in a thread he had started. I YouTubed and listened to "Planes Like Vultures." It motivated me to check out the whole album. I appreciate acoustic stuff like this an awful lot.



With all the rave that the Frenger community was making about them, particularly with "No More Stories..." having come out this year, I couldn't possibly say "No." At first, I found Jonas Bjerre's voice to be a bit off-putting, since he sounded so much like a woman to me, but I adjusted to it, and now I don't think of that so much. They are one of the most interesting bands I have discovered this year. Thank you, CPing Frengers.


Radiohead/Thom Yorke

This is a big one. It seemed like everyone here was talking about them, and I was clueless. Clint got me started with "Amnesiac," "OK Computer," "The Bends," and "In Rainbows." "15 Step" was what really got me hooked. I soon got the other stuff, along with most of the B-Sides. My favorite album as of now would have to be "Hail to the Thief," and I'm sorry for all you Radiohead fans out there that may disagree. I just find it catchy. That, and "I Will" is the prettiest Radiohead song EVER. :heart: I didn't find out about Thom's solo album until later. I must say, "Analyse" is a great song. Not that the others aren't, but that one's my current favorite.


Rise Against

Again, I have previous encounters with this band through the "Guitar Hero" franchise. The first song I remember hearing is "Swing Life Away" from years ago. Shane had mentioned these guys in a thread, and taking how much I liked the songs on "Guitar Hero," I decided to dig deeper into the music. Some of it has more screaming than I'd like, but the ones that don't are nice. I like the punkness of it. (And, given they're punk rock, that's to be expected.)


Sigur Rós

Another CPing favorite. Having never heard of post-rock as a genre (not to mention a band from Iceland), I decided to check it out. Again, Clint helped me out with these guys (and Ivet, as well, for the most recent album). They are completely different from anything I'm accustomed to listening to. I hate not being able to understand what they're saying, but other than that, I don't have a problem with them.


System of a Down/Serj Tankian

After playing "B.Y.O.B" for so long on "Guitar Hero: World Tour" and getting used to it, I figured I might as well give what they've got a listen. I'm mainly stuck on the two most recent albums at the moment; they seem to be more to my liking than their earlier discography. At any rate, I was to later learn they had disbanded some time ago, and they're doing separate projects. This led me to Serj Tankian's solo album. I appreciate the abundant use of keyboard instruments. His voice is a bit iffy on the album, but it's not intolerable, and the lyrics are highly intriguing.


Vampire Weekend

I couldn't help but look into it. I like their sound. "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" is the best song ever. Well, not ever, but it is awesome. :)


The White Stripes

Clint is, yet again, solely responsible for this. It took me a while to get into them, as Jack White's voice isn't all that smooth. However, I found that if I payed more attention to lyrical content, I appreciated it more. Songs like "Well, It's True that We Love One Another" make me smile inwardly. :nice:



I've had their album "Ocean Avenue" ever since I can remember. I only recently decided to get back into them. I still say that "Ocean Avenue" is their best album, but the other stuff is nice. Too bad they've been disbanded since 2006. :disappointed:


So that's a wrap. :)

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Some artists I can think of are:

The Album Leaf: I really got into the band in 2008 so this may not count, but this year was definitely the year that I just kept listening to them over and over. Really amazing group. Also knowing that a new album is coming out is exciting and also the prospect for seeing them live.


Broken Social Scene: Thank you briggins. I listened to You Forgot In People and it was great! What an amazing album


Death Cab For Cutie: I remember earlier this year I was looking for albums to listen to so I saw Death Cab's album Transatlanticism (which I bought many years ago, but didn't like because of the vocals). I listened to it and loved it first listen.


Department of Eagles: I found out about this band on a music listening site. I had heard of them before but never actually listened to them. Being that Veckatamist was such a big album this year finding out that one of the members was in that band really intrigued me into listening to them. I still have only heard one of their albums, but it's really great!


Fictionist: One of my good online friends showed me this band and I loved them right away. They have a bit of a Pink Floyd vibe to them as well as perhaps Radiohead... I dunno.

Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova/The Swell Season: I think I saw Once last year, but it wasn't until this year that I really really got into their album. What an amazing album, definitely the best soundtrack. Then they also came out with their new album Strict Joy which is just great!


Other Lives: I ran across this band by listening to my Purchased songs and I got one of their songs Black Tables free in those itunes free playlists. I listened to some other songs and this one came on and by the end I really loved it. That week I had that song on repeat because it was just so good. From there I bought their only album and it's great.




I can't wait to see what bands I'll get into next year

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Snow Patrol:wideeyed::heart:

^^ :heart: I totally second that!


Snow Patrol are my musical "discovery" of 2009 and generally my band of 2009. :) Of course I'd known them before but the spark just never really ignited - "Chasing Cars" simply didn't hook me. ;) It was only earlier this year when I gave their new album a chance and then decided to see them live... And that was the beginning of a big lovestory... :D



I'd never heard of them before until I read they'd be the support act of Keane in August. So I checked them out and liked their songs immediately. They were also really great live, one of the best support acts I've had so far and I already count them to my favourite bands now. :)


Biffy Clyro






The Killers




Thirteen Senses


White Lies

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You missed out on The Frames.


You fail.


Okay, I'll listen to The Frames. Anything you specifically recommend?


I started to like Beirut this month or last. I knew them before but only these last weeks i've started to appreciate. And got even more into classical music.


Yeah I forgot to put classical music in my list.


There are also a few more I didn't put because I listened to only a few songs, so I kind of forgot.

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