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2010 Oscar Nominations AND Winners! (UPDATES IN FIRST POST)

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I was really happy to see District 9 and Sherlock Holmes in there. :wacky: They both deserve to win!


In my opinion, if District 9 doesn't win best picture, there is seriously something wrong with the world.





Complete list of winners:



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Here's the list sorted by film:




I'm really happy about the 2 nominations for "The Last Station".

"Up in the Air" is starting on Thursday here, looking forward to watch it, the trailer is great and so is the soundtrack.


Inglourious Basterds would certainly deserve the Best Picture Award.

There weren't that many outstanding movies this year, at least to me.

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Me and my two friends wrote down our guesses just today at school! :) We'll have to watch the Oscars from 1 am to about 7 am here because of the damn time zones, and go to school the next day, but it's definitely worth it. I just did it with the Globes too. It only sucks because last two years our winter holiday has started on Monday following the Oscars, but they didn't quite coordinate this time. :(



BTW, I really hope Avatar won't win because it wasn't even nominated in the script category. And writing and editing should go to Inglorious Basterds, because they're both brilliant. I'd love to see Quentin win this!


And it would be a real shocker if Christoph Waltz didn't win the supporting Oscar for Basterds because he's already won everything else (and by everything I mean SAG, Globe and Cannes). And his character was awesome in a weird, twisted way. I mean awesomely played. The Jew-killing wasn't awesome. You know.

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Academy loves Clint Eastwood so my guess is that Morgan Freeman wins for his Mandela (instead of Jeff Bridges).


Yup, the Academy does love Clint Eastwood. The Academy is also extremely sentimental, though, so it will probably go to Jeff Bridges, more for his trajectory than his performance. That's what I dislike about the Oscars.


There's also the big possibility they'll give it to Sandra Bullock. I thought she was better in the 15 minutes of screen time she had in Crash than in the whole The Blind Side. :/

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It should only win best special effects or whatever that category is called. I'll just be checking the winners tomorrow morning. Don't really feel like watching the whole yaddayaddaboo and I don't have access to digital tv anymore, so I can't watch it live this year anyway.

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Yup, everything other than the special effects sucked in that movie. Inglourious Basterds and The Hurt Locker deserve it way more than Avatar. Can't wait to watch tonight, but if Avatar wins Best Picture or James Cameron wins Best Director, I just might kill myself.

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