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2010 Oscar Nominations AND Winners! (UPDATES IN FIRST POST)

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Moesha's mom won an Oscar?!


And the presenters, because nobody told me after I asked :thinking: Twice :thinking: I looked it up and its Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin?! What is that?!


An Oscars without Billy Crystal is like a, well it's like something.

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Nope, I don't really care as long as it wasn't Avatar.


I think it's more because James Cameron clearly seems like one of those dickheaded directors who thinks he's bigger then the president. I heard him refer to himself in 3rd person during an interview, absolutely deluded. It's nice to see that he couldn't just buy awards and things didn't work out for him. 10 years down the drain! James.


The film may have won 3 awards, but lets face it, in Cameron's mind he came away totally emptyhanded.

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Does my opinion count if I haven't actually seen any of the nominated films?


Well, literally all of them look shit. District 9, Avatar, Hurt Locker, especially Inglourious Basterds, they all look horrible. I'll try watching one soon, maybe District 9.

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Fair enough, but all I'm saying is that they look shit. I don't actually know. Inglourious Basterds in particular looks like a mindfucked idea of a film, I'm downloading it now.

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