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Coldplay 2010 Latin America Tour Setlist Discussion


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PHOTOS Mexico City!


I know the photographer who shot this show! She was behind the stage & in the crowd, you totally feel transferred in space & time. Good gallery to view while listening to "Glass of Water"....




More from Mexico City here:




I've just arrived from seeing Coldplay in ther last show In Mexico city, and this is the setlist:



1. Life In Technicolor

2. Violent Hill

3. Clocks

4. In My Place

5. Yellow

6. Glass of Water

7. 42

8. Fix You

9. Strawberry Swing

10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face/Talk

11. The Hardest Part

12. Postcards From Far Away

13. Viva La Vida

14. Lost!

15. Singing In The Rain

16. Shiver (Acoustic)

17. Death Will Never Conquer

18. Don Quixote

19. Viva La Vida (Remix)

20. Politik

21. Lovers In Japan

22. Death And All His Friends




23. The Scientist

24. Life In Technicolor ii

25. The Escapist


Blissful Night:cry:


My top 5 from this tour that are epic songs just blissfuly:D

1. Glass of Water

2. Life In Technicolor ii

3. Strawberry Swing

4. In My Place

5. Between Yellow/Lovers In Japan/Fix You and Death And All His Friends

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Yeah but when they were asked to play it in December they said Guy and Chris didn't want to sing it now :cry:... :bigcry:


Lucky people :shifty:...



are you now happier than ever possible? :D


congrats on shiver-i cannot believe that-i would die right there if i heard shiver live *flaps arms and cries*

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