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Who' your favourite and the one you dislike the most?


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Hello!!! I don' t know if there was a post like this and maybe you don't like to decide but i just wonder how would you order the boys: here is mine from my favorite to my not so favourite....

1. Guy

2. Johnny

3. Chris

4. Will


and i don' t know where to put Phil.

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The truth is that I don't like Chris very much... I don't know why but of course I love the whole pack and without any of them it wouldn't be the same.... but I hate when it said something like: coldplay, chris martin's band! NO NO its not HIS band it's a band all together... or when it said, chris leader of coldplay.....

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Chris is my favourite ! Sorry for all the people who don't like him :lol:


Now, the one I dislike... I don't dislike anyone, but if I had to choose, I would pick Will Champion, although I think he's essential for Coldplay - he brings force, balance...* It's just that the other ones have a stronger personality, I think.


*And not "balance to the Force", that's Anakin Skywalker. Haha.

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