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Is Gwenyth shooting a new movie...


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OMG sorry to bring this up again but Jude Law is so hot! And he's single again too! That man is the most gorgeous man in hollywood to me. Gwynnie got to do 2 movies with him The Talented Mr Ripley and The World of Tommorow which comes out next year...


I love you already. :dozey:

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You are so aaaaaaaaawesome!!! I have no idea how you got those pictures!! I've been google searching this soo hard but I haven't been able to find anything. And we were at the University of Chicago when they were taping, but they had "stunt doubles" to practice the seen at first, because the people we saw were not gwyneth or jake gyllenhaal!! i knew those people weren't the real thing!!! We left early 'cause I had to go to work, so they must 've taped it afterwards!!! They were totally here and we missed it all!!!

:dizzy2: :bigcry: :bigcry: :bigcry: :bigcry:

So close, yet so far away!!!


Their taping again on oct. 6-8th, so maybe we'll be able to get a peek then!!

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Thanks so much MIMI!!!! You are great. Those pictures are awesome! Are you a journalist or something. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to see something. I can't believe they did go to the airport and by police car!!! That would be cool if he hung out more around the set.


Hey do you know if they recorded any of their recent singles in Chicago. If you know where can you post the studio. I just read another article that they will be recording the first part of their album by the end of the year in chicago! I just wish I knew where.

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Ok, Mimi, tell us the truth: who are you? where do you get ALL the piccies? are you working for Chris public relations office? do you work in a newspaper? are you chris' mum and do you collect all his pics?

:P ;)

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I know!!! Me and my sis have looked around the campus where they are filming in the mornings. Today we saw them filming and saw what we thought was gwyneth, but it may have turned out to be a look alike. Anyways I picked up my sister after work and we decided to head back there. We were trying to see if they were filming anymore and when we got there it looked like we were packing up. Me and my sis passed the Gwyneth look alike. I didn't even notice her, but my sis said that she did not look at all like Gwyneth Paltrow. That when we found out it may have been her double who we saw on the set in the morning. We hung out around their trailers and then decided to head back to see if it was really Gwyneth. When we were heading back...all of the sudden we saw ther real Gwyneth! I thought were not going to be able to see Chris, cause I thought since we hadn't seen him yet he was not hangng around the set. Gwyneth starts walking towards us and then I saw HIM! I could not believe it!!!!! I thought this is my only opportunity...so I quickly asked him if I could get his autograph and took out the "A Rush of Blood to the Head" cd! (Yes, I know I'm crazy for having it...but I thought who knows?) He saw it and said "uh oh!" He probably thought I can't say no to a fan whose got the Cd. I hope I didn't scare him...cause he seemed a bit preoccupied. When I asked for the autograph he said "quickly" and asked for my name and then he signed it. But he signed it, so I'm happy! :D


I wasn't sure how he would look in person...sometimes people don't look as good. He looked better in person!!! Think of the best picture you've seen of him. That's how he looked! He must of thought I was crazy! I hope not!


I really wanted to get a picture. But I didn't get one. :(


I still can't believe I actualy got to see him!

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