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Is Gwenyth shooting a new movie...


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I HOPE it was, "a 'Gwyneth's gone to the trailer, I'm gonna go too and get some lovin' type way?"


*shrug* I'm not sure. My sister did say he was looking around. Maybe he wa paranoid that there were paparrazzi or that huge amounts of fans were going to surround him.


I'm not paparazzi, I'm just a fan! :cool:

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:stunned: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Oh MY GOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHH!!!! I was totally about to faint!!! Hahaha!! It was funny 'cause my sis was like - "should I do it?? should I do it??"(to get an autograph) I'm so glad she did!!! My first instinct was to get my camera out to take a picture, but then he looked in a hurry and then I remembered the "throwing of the rock" incident, so I didn't ask! :)

The whole experience was SURREAL!! Surreal I tell ya!!

Gwyneth looks very "Gwynie" in person. :D If ya know what I mean.

I hope we can see some more of the filming of the movie before they leave!

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I visit here lots but dont post much mainly cos i can never think of anything pithy to say but i had to reply to this story. You are soooo lucky cos you often hear bout people hangin around for ages and still not seeing anything worthwhile so i am glad it payed off for you. Ok questions, i have to ask bout chris. Did he seem pissed off then? cos i would hate for my chris illusions to be shattered. Was he talking or near gwynnie at all? Any sign of Jonny? since theyre supposed to be recording.

And are his eyes really as blue as everyne says? Ok tahts what i wanted to ask. I'll say it again you are so LUCKY!

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I know!!! Me and my sis have looked around the campus where they are filming in the mornings. Today we saw them filming and saw what we thought was gwyneth' date=' but it may have turned out to be a look alike. Anyways I picked up my sister after work and we decided to head back there. We were trying to see if they were filming anymore and when we got there it looked like we were packing up. Me and my sis passed the Gwyneth look alike. I didn't even notice her, but my sis said that she did not look at all like Gwyneth Paltrow. That when we found out it may have been her double who we saw on the set in the morning. We hung out around their trailers and then decided to head back to see if it was really Gwyneth. When we were heading back...all of the sudden we saw ther real Gwyneth! I thought were not going to be able to see Chris, cause I thought since we hadn't seen him yet he was not hangng around the set. Gwyneth starts walking towards us and then I saw HIM! I could not believe it!!!!! I thought this is my only opportunity...so I quickly asked him if I could get his autograph and took out the "A Rush of Blood to the Head" cd! (Yes, I know I'm crazy for having it...but I thought who knows?) He saw it and said "uh oh!" He probably thought I can't say no to a fan whose got the Cd. I hope I didn't scare him...cause he seemed a bit preoccupied. When I asked for the autograph he said "quickly" and asked for my name and then he signed it. But he signed it, so I'm happy! [/quote']


OMG that's sooo awesome! Haha I'm so happy for you!!

Though I can't believe he was like 'quickly'.... :/

But you got his autograph!!! That's sooo great!!!

Hehehe :D :D :D

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He was probably worried that the cast of the film would get pissed off that he was giving out his autograph on their film set. I remember reading in January that Gwynnie was pissed off when she was filming Sylvia in New Zealand because Chris came to visit her and everyone wanted his autograph and not hers so she ordered him to stay in the hotel (apparently!!)


He probably wasn't being rude he just wanted to do it quickly and not cause a scene.


Also doesn't he go to court on Thursday? He's probably a bit worried about that, I would be :/

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Re: OMG!!


It does pay off to hang around. If you go often or know where they are at it helps. Chris seemed, like I said, preoccupied when he was signing my CD. I don't know why. He said "quickly" and the thought did cross my mind that I hope I didn't piss him off or anything by asking for the autograph. Again, I have no idea what was going on through his head. I didn't have much time to talk to him since he was in a hurry, all I got to do was spell out my name since it is very uncommon. But, at least I got the autograph.


I first noticed Gwyneth, cause I didn't think I'd have the luck to see him with her. Afterwards, I noticed he was walking next to her as they were aproaching us and we were approaching them. Then all I remember is that I looked at him with a shocked face, Gwyneth kept moving along and I remember thinking I will probably NEVER see him again or get the opportunity to do this, so I'm going to go for it. That's when I asked for the autograph.


I haven't seen Johnny or the band. That is what I wanted to know, where are they? I didn't know Chicago was a big place for recording. I checked on a website, but there are tons of recording studios in Chicago. Who knows where they'd be at. I wish I could meet the whole band, but I have no clue where they are.


Chris's eyes are very blue! Just like the pictures. But, lighter not the fake deep blue. I wish I could have stared at him longer, but the whole thing went by so fast...

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Today we got to see Jake Gyllenhall and Anthony Hopkins!!!!! Anthony Hopkins said hi and waved to the two of us. (me and my sis)


We also finally got to see a scene from the movie.





guess who got anothony hopkins attention??



no, actually he was very nice, because i think he had just finished taping his scene from the movie, and again, we were just walking and kind of almost bumped into him. i think he probably noticed that i was looking at him (i was also trying to get my sis' attention) - it was pretty dark outside, and i remember that when i saw him, at first i didn't know who it was, but i knew i recognized the face and then later it hit me, oh it's anthony hopkins!! but he was really nice and said hi as he passed by both of us and good night as well! me and my sis had heard people saying that he was a genuinely nice guy and was signing autographs and taking photographs willingly.


i was kind of just kidding about the gwynie looking gwynie-like .. it's just that you see pictures all the time, and for some reason, i just don't think they'll look the same, but she looked exactly as in all her pics. she also looked very relaxed and confident when she was walking with chris.


and my take on the whole 'quickly' thing about chris is that he probably didn't want too much of a commotion about him and wanted to be polite to gwyneth and not get sucked up by a huge crowd (and not pay attention to her) - but my sis did say that she noticed that gwyneth was smiling/laughing? when chris caught up with her, so it was all good..


i'm curious to know what the movie is going to be like!!

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