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Is Gwenyth shooting a new movie...


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It was posted in the official forum a while ago by a Mexican fan who had seen an interview with Will. Will said that Chris and Jonny were going to Chigago to record demos. I don't know where though, sorry. However I do know that Gwyneth is shooting from Sept 26 - Oct 6th in the University of Chicago and I'm sure Chris will be hanging around there at some point.

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oh man, thanks for the info....yes I am here in chicago and would like to see if I could get a glimpse of him :blush:


I think I will be able to go to the place where Gwenyth is filming...i found out that information on her site...but I don't know if I'll be able to see anyone


oh my god!!!! we need to see him now!!!! <----(that was my sister:lol: )


I'm trying to think where they would be doing demos here in chicago... :confused:

oh well...if you guys get any more info tell me...got to go eat dinner!


Thanks! Wish me luck! :)

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But I read theat they ate at a restaurant in downtown Chicago :(


According to the Chicago Sun Times -

The food's da ting, er the thing!


*To wit: Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her beau, Coldplay's Chris Martin, were spotted in the alcove of Alex Dana's Rosebud Steakhouse Tuesday night. The dressed-down duo dined on a special request from the food-conscious actress: an organic turkey burger, which is not on the menu, don'tchaknow.


*Sneed is told Paltrow is in town for four weeks filming "Proof," which is being shot here and in London with actor Anthony Hopkins. Martin was taking off from work to hang out with his honey. Nice.




Umm... if you come to Chicago to eat at Rosebud, you do NOT eat an organic turkey burger. That is a total insult. At LEAST order some pasta or something (if you're vegetarian)



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OMG sorry to bring this up again but Jude Law is so hot! And he's single again too! That man is the most gorgeous man in hollywood to me. Gwynnie got to do 2 movies with him The Talented Mr Ripley and The World of Tommorow which comes out next year. Why does she always have all the luck? Dating hot guys working with hot guys! Having cool friends like Madonna and Kate Moss. How cool!

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