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Let's send Ben and Jerry's suggestions for Coldplay-themed ice creams!


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doont be embarrassed amy i was wondering if i should put that as well, i didnt want to be plagirizing or anything.:)


wow today is not my best spelling day:embarrassed:

hehe okay!



haha ok then i shall put that part in, :)


i just didnt want to infringe on your "intellectual property rights" i wouldnt want to get sued hehe :)






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Why Ben & Jerry's? :thinking: Perry's is the way to go. :wink3:


My sister and I tried sending in suggestions for a Webkinz themed ice cream once (lolz i was liek...12....:shame:) and it doesn't really work unless you get a lot of people to petition for it. :wacko:

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Well, why else would B&J make a Coldplay ice cream? The only other reason for them to make a flavor (besides 10th anniversary) would be if they play a concert in Vermont. (That's what they did for Elton John, and DAMN his flavor was amazing.)


Yesss!! :stunned: They must play a concert in Vermont!!


Coldplay's Strawberry Swing is the best so far I think :)

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"Gets in car and goes to Publix's to get the ingredients for Amy":D

:dance:LETS DO IT!

how about Ice in Technicolor :cheesy: and then it'll just be all rainbowey.

or Violet Chill :cool: and it'll just be... um... purple.

:wacky: Ice in Technicolor would be so cool!!!


You guys are awesome! Great idea.


I would definitely eat these! om nom nom nom


Hmm, something like "Ode to Peppermint" would be yummy too... :lol:

I know right!! My fridge will be stocked with pints of all these ice creams!

If I get a sugar rush It'll be Coldplays fault:rolleyes:


Ode to Peppermint sounds great!!

Coldplayers can do anything! :sneaky:

Especially when it requires large groups of obsessive people! :mellow:

:heart: we can!!


Violet chill sounds nice, with blueberries!


Ben And Jerry Put A Smile Upon My Face :cool:


Don't Pancake, ____& Lime, Strawberry Spin.....Everything's Not Toast :wtf:

:lol:Everythings not Toast :wacky:




lovers in fudge!!:wideeyed:

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