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When you indirectly tell someone off.


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Seriously. I have a friend in which I just had a silent war with, and now he updated his status which sounds like indirect words to me telling me to grow up.


It sounds as if I'm sensitive thinking that he means it for me, when he never meant anything for me. But right after I throw him off his face, he updates that? I think that's rather douchey.


I like his parents a lot, but he's still a bastard. Freaking ****.


Some of you might call me immature and ask me to grow up after I post this thread, but isn't he immature too? Doesn't he need to grow up too? He deleted the status where the silent war happened, he indirectly tell me to grow up (Or I presume so), I think he has no balls ! :o




Does this happen to you? People indirectly telling you off?

I suppose it does. How do you handle it? Do you be a dick about it like I do? Or do you just fuck it over and fuck away from it?


Tell me what you think. :nice:

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I do think it's immature but for him. If you have an argument with someone then that's something that's personal. It shouldn't be something that you post online or have digs at people in subtle ways. If he has a problem or wants to say something he should just tell you in person rather than doing it subtly

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Yo Ben Linus. :cool:


No, the argument was online. It wasn't even an argument. All I did was say something sarcastic and he didn't like it and he went all 'whateverz'. This is going to sound lame, but it was on Facebook. All I did was comment on his status some comment that was rather 'me' and he replied... blablabla. After that, I saw that status update asking a certain 'you' to grow up and also saw that he deleted the status update that I commented on.

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It's incredibly frustrating, if someone has a problem they should either shutup and get over it, or bring it out in the open and try to fix it. Well the other option is just to tell the person they have a problem with to fuck off and get out of their life forever, that's a biggie, but I still definitely respect that a lot more then just being petty and childish.


But indirectly saying something is like saying "I have a problem with you, and I want you to know it but I don't want you to do anything about it".


Another annoying thing about your situation Ly, is that you can't really bring it up with him because then he'll probably think you're being arrogant to suggest that he'd change his status for you, and he'd probably deny it. No doubt it does have something to do with you, but I guess there isn't a lot you can do but ignore it for now, and maybe bring it up at a better time. He is being really childish so nothing good will come from trying to confront him.

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I only have my friends in my facebook friendlist, and my friends don't do things like what your friend did.

Usually when we have problems with each other, we'll sit and talk about it, because that's how a true friendship works.

Maybe you can try this and see how it goes.



I've faced something like that as well. There was this girl whom I used to befriended with but something bad happened.

So we are not in speaking term.

The problem is that she always come to MY room to chat with my roommate and sit on MY chair,

and she always say random things out of a sudden that were indirectly directed to me.

For example, she'd say something like...'Yeah I like him because unlike SOME PEOPLE (while rolling her eyes), his friendship is genuine.'

And she did that while she's in MY room, sitting on MY chair.

I refuse to stand that low, so I just ignored her.

That way, I make myself look like a civilised person and her like an uncivilised c.u.nt.

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Thanks for the advice. :wacky:


But I am a little immature about it I suppose. After he updated that stupid status, i updated one stating "Don't mistake obvious with oblivious.".




Eeek! Stop and count to 10!


Like you said, he's being childish, there's no reason to join him in childishness. It can be really annoying but remember that if this guy hadn't have annoyed you today, you'd probably be focussing on something better then trying to annoy him.



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