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Thom Yorke is worried about Coldplay

Arwen Evenstar

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"I'm just enjoying the fact that I haven't been hit by a car yet and I'm still doing this," he said when asked about the benefits of stardom. "It's not easy. If you crack up, then that's it. And it's pretty easy to crack up because suddenly people start talking to you like you're from another planet and you just think that's normal. I really worry about other people like Coldplay and the Strokes, 'cause the sort of success they've had really screws with your head. It's like, what do you do next?"


I don't really understand this qoute, does this mean he likes them I don't know. I thinks its a little odd how he never says anything good or bad about them, maybe he is a closet fan.

I don't understand what him and the rest of Radiohead think about Coldplay, but I would love to find out.

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Well it seems he's worried about Coldplay. You know, of course he could like them, just because he doesn't talk about them like Chris talks about everyone he likes, doesn't mean Thom doesn't like them... erm, I hope you got my point! :lol:


I believe Radiohead's fame is more tolerable than Coldplay's, as he said, they don't get harassed by Paparazzi all the time and magazines don't write crap about them (as far as I know :thinking:)


Edit: OH crap, it's 7 years old! Okay, I take everything back I've said :uhoh:

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^they dont

i thought they were ok with them?


i know a lot of the radiohead fans dont and are very obnoxious about it

but radiohead always seemed like "Coldplay? ...meh whatever"


I believe that's it. How do Radiohead think about Coldplay? "Meh." :lol:

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I believe that's it. How do Radiohead think about Coldplay? "Meh." :lol:




I think they don't care about coldplay...why should them? meanwhile there's no problems between the bands, I think everything's allright :)


anyway, I really like radiohead...but Thom is really weird...


"but I'm a creep. I'm a weird" - He wrote that :thinking:

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Poor Chris. :P


Like VIVA Child said, at this point, I think Radiohead just doesn't care about Coldplay. Or hates them. I don't know.


Is that an actual picture and not photo-shopped? I've never seen them that close together, it's a little weird :D

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can't say i really care to get into the debate. i like both bands and it's not a matter of whose better day to day but just what i feel like listening to.


regardless, mad old quote. also...that photo is HILARIOUS.:laugh3:

geez that fake quote at the bottom made me laugh really hard.


but can i just say, despite it being a 7 year old quote, that i'm sort of surprised he said that he was worried for them. clearly coldplay have dealt with the limelight pretty well - as we all know. but it is surprising to me that he even thought to care.

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