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Is the number 42 haunting you?

Arwen Evenstar

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The 42 haunts me too :lol: I see it everywhere but maybe it's becuz I'm totally paranoid and I always make some operations... it sounds strange, doesn't it ?

42 in my phone number and in my best friend's phone number

And I find 42 especially in the laws that I study on school article #42 of Civil code, penal code etc etc...

Everytime I take a look to the clock, is 42...

And I've got a class in the room #42!



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I've talked my pupils about the magical number 42 and last Friday we made an exercise in which they need to find some special verbs. I asked them to find 20 verbs but they asked me if they could search until they got 42!


I love them when they do that:)

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I read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy a few years ago, and really loved it. The day I finished it, I heard Clocks for the first time and fell in love with it.. So when Viva La Vida came out, I was shocked when I saw 42 in the tracklist :shocked2:

It has to be a sign :P

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