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How OLD are you??

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Take your real age (a) and add 5


Then the next poster will take their real age and add 5, PLUS they must also retype the age of the previous poster by subtracting five from it and then multiplying it by 5


Or to put it in algebra


1. a+5=r (result)

2. r=5(a-5)




Poster 1's real age is 16. They add 5. So their new age is 21. They post 21.


Poster 2's real age is 23. They add 5. So their new age is 28. NOW they must do the second part.

They subtract 5 from the previous poster's new age. So 21-5=16

Then they multiply this number by 5. 16*5=80

So they post 21, and 80.





This is not hard! You are simply not concentrating enough or overcomplicating it.


thanks for helping me out :)

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Guest LiquidSky
I know it's crazy :P

I was a baby back in the day.

Now I'm almost finished university. Time is kind of nuts sometimes.


i know right!

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Approximately 250 years-old, cause omg I was there at the french revolution with a really cozy military jacket and a giant french flag in a hand just running and shouting for freedom... i remember it i swear! :awesome:



nah, i'm just 17...

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