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True love waits. lulwutERMELON.

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I heard getting drunk works.

Erm... maybe for the night yes :D


Of course babay! This is what we have :heart:!!!

I even let you kick Damon out of mah bed. Now that's true love :charming:

Lizzy! :O


Kinda hard to see you're cheating on me with Alexa :disappointed:

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That's pretty typical for all young and beginning relationships, people very seldom take things seriously.

Don't feel discouraged though, keep trying.


I'm not discouraged. But right now I feel like I'll just let things flow and let it happen.

I'm tired of trying :nice: Let's just see what happens.


cuz fun > serious?


Apparently some people think fun > serious.

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I think that there is someone for everyone.


I've still been searching and unfortunately no luck whatsoever :(


Never had a gf before?


no... it's extremely pathetic


Don't worry, I'm in the same boat. Same age, different city haha

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