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Can you easily swallow pills?


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OMG I don't drink sparkling beverages either! Can't stand the bubbles, like you. :shocked2:



The bubbles are the best part! All fizzly and foamy. . . especially on root beer :wacky:

i have to say i become more tolerant with the bubble thing due to beers :uhoh:

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It used to be a drama every time! Up until the age of 12 or so I had a hell of a time swallowing pills and I'm not sure why. And then I was diagnosed with some thyroid thing (and it turns out they made a mistake or something and after a couple months my thyroid was normal again :rolleyes:) I had to take pills a couple times every day and it was hell!!

But I got used to it and now I can swallow a mouthful of pills at a time. :P

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Eh. I don't know. I don't know what bubblegum you have in France :P Or ice cream, for that matter :thinking:


For me, root beer is very sweet but with a hint of bitter :thinking:

Erm... just classic bubble gum taste :tongue:

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