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Can you easily swallow pills?


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I used to not be able to do it AT ALL but now I swallow pills very easily. I trained myself. Here's how.


Start with putting a pill in apple sauce. Pay no mind to the pill and eat the apple sauce as you normally would. Since you don't chew it will go down easily. Train yourself with this, focusing on relaxing your jaw and opening your palate. Then try doing small pills with liquid and just use the same technique.

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That's the annoying thing about the body. You can't just say "message received, now swallow nevertheless, you idiot". Or let's say tell your body that you're fully aware that you just burnt your hand so it can stop hurting now. :lol:


Stupid human body! Forget your defense mechanisms, DO AS I SAY!


Anyways, mine are fine as they're relatively small. I remember being faced with massive Codral ones for a bad cold I had though when I was 12. There was no way I could fit that thing.

Fish oil tablets are bad, too, especially when you have to take so many.

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Ow, i used to have big problems with swallowing any kind of pills but it's not that bad anymore (thank god).

I still need quite a lot of water to swallow them to make sure that they go all the way down though..:\

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It's good to see I am not on my own!!!

After the two weeks of taking pills 3 times a day I must say I made some progress! :dance:


It's still not easy... but it worked a lot better after the first week.

With some food it was alright most of the time.

When the pill got on my tongue however and I tasted the bitterness it was like a safety door closing: no way I could swallow it. :\

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I gave my friend half a paracetamol once because she had really sore legs on DofE. She put in her mouth with loads of water and then after like 5 mins of trying to swallow it, she spat it out. Jeeesh. :laugh3:


But I could imagine swallowing huge ones would be really horrible!

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