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The word "woman" or "men".


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This is quick but I'm having a conversation with someone about dating and stuff and I said: "I'm a woman who thinks.."

And I felt weird, cos I don't really feel used to calling myself a woman, I usually say "girl".


When is it appropriate to say you're not a girl anymore? Or young woman and call yourself a woman?

Same goes for men.

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Calling women "women" is really awkward for me and I think it is for most people (this is why they are called "girls" by a bunch of men even when they're like 30). I don't know why. "Men" isn't as awkward, at least not for me.


I call myself a girl but I kind of am, because I'm 16.

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I usually say girls and boys, especially when I'm at school. I'll use 'man' when talking about some guys, and 'woman' if I'm talking about someone I really don't know. :tongue:


Haha, my one friend's nickname is Lady. :wacky: :lol:

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