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Strawberry Swing Nominated for MTV VMA (BREAKTHROUGH VIDEO)


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Guest howyousawtheworld
^just saying, bieber didn't win video of the year, he won best new artist. gaga won video of the year, and if you ask me, it was so deserved.


i wish coldplay could have won! strawberry swing deserved it.


Lady GaGa deserved that award? Sorry but this attention seeking, fake bitch doesn't deserve a thing and her fans are all gullible mugs for buying into her pseudo 'avant garde' crock of shit which is merely sub standard club music!

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Actually, MTV was never good. It always sucked, but it´s worse now. Dire straits wanted to show it, and then that channel manippulated that message.

The taste of music of most of the people is not the most musical sometimes. That Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber had won that awards doesn´t mean they really deserved it.

Just see the trashy MTV programmes and you´ll fing out that it´s not MTV, it´s STV (ShitTV)

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