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worst actor and actress now


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I don't think Lindsay Lohan was a horrible actress, she never really did anything challenging, I guess she never really had a chance, but she was decent enough. She's a silly little girl, but that shouldn't take away from her acting. She was great playing two parts in the Parent Trap when she was much younger.

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Maybe a controversial one but...Brad Pitt.


He's not awful, but he is distinctly average for someone of his callibre and although he did better work in Benjamin Button, I don't think he's ever deserved an Oscar nomnation. He can be incredibly wooden.

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Actors from portuguese soaps!!!! REALLY! Some of them aren't even actors are models!! lol

I don't like Nicolas Cage, Kristen Stewart is SO boring (not only in Twilight), Zac Efron, Ben Affleck,...


yeah in PT they just care about the outside appearence. If you're cute, then you're in --' it's been more and more that way.

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