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friendship between men & women


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i'm sure it does exist, but i guess it isn't exactly easy. at least from my experience.


Many women have bad experience I imagine .



I am a common woman timid no modern and invisible by men and women in my life .


friendship is difficult find and for having a boyfriend is even more difficult. I was even seeing a dating agency style marriage. but the men just wanted to have fun, never love and really any engage but false promises yes .

dating agency is as a bad agency escort girls or worse not know .


i have just friends girls to speak .



this time is terrible

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzVeBkSIf8U]YouTube - In Time Do You Forget (Daydream) - Mew[/ame]



now yes is better dream since 2005 and live in a monastery . I have no confidence in my world

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I recently realised that I have more male friends than I thought. :surprised: They've actually seemed more chatty with than my female friends lately. :lol:


some of my female friends I have had things for in the past but if you get through that and treat it the same as a same sex friendship that's what it can become.
I see where you're coming from. I still have difficulty ignoring that I've had a crush on my male friend though.


It does help when they are ugly.


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Yes but there's getting from A to B in comfort and style,getting from A to B as quickly as possible and getting from A to B in a crappy Eurobox.


Comfort and style is very overrated (particularly if you're doing the driving), whilst the paltry speed limits mean that having a "fast" car in the UK is pretty much a waste of time, particularly in the mega-congested London area.;)

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Absolutely. You just have to asses the relationship every now and then, and make sure you don't want it to go any further than that, in case he tries anything.


I've got lots of male friends that have asked me out. I just refuse, and we remain talking.


Same. When I said no they understood and moved on. We're still friends today, best friends.

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