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What's the meaning of your nickname?


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Mine is the name of a Weezer song. :)


I always wanted to ask you where your name came from! What is that song about anyways?



My name is boring...wish I could change it, but I can't.


gvargas: g for gisela and vargas (my last name)

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maldito ganzo is in english the accursed goose, i think this is the correct traduction, but here in mexico we can use accursed to mean that someone is evil, so the correct interpretation of mi nickname is the evil goose.

i hope my answer responds your doubt about mi nick ;) .

greetings from mexico



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Doogie, uni nickname, cos i looked like Doogie Howser MD :P

Used it for online games like TFC...so did Hicksy...he nicked Hicks from Aliens (his favourite movie) so we ran around online games with those names...they kinda stuck for all online stuff...our other housemate called himself Truncheon D'amour LOL..we shortened it to Trunch...names like that stay.

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