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Favorite/best live concert moments (that you've experienced)


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For those that have gone to shows, what have been some moments that you would consider to be the best concert moments and why.



For me I have quite a few...


Hello Goodbye-Paul McCartney (was the moment when he came on stage and I couldn't believe I was seeing a Beatle live!)


Hey Jude-Paul McCartney (the crowd singing along was just something else)


Here Today-Paul McCartney (a tribute to John Lennon... extremely moving)


Square One-Coldplay (Opening their show with this was great with the countdown behind them... it really got everyone extremely excited)


In The Flesh-Roger Waters (one of my favorite songs to see, and it was a perfect way to open the show)


Comfortably Numb-Roger Waters (the solo is one of my favorites and used to give me chills everytime I heard it)


Neighborhood #3/Rebellion (Lies)-Arcade Fire (Power Out is so great and full of so much energy, then the transition to Rebellion is so amazing, it gives me chills every time I hear it)


Wake Up-Arcade Fire (the singalong from the whole crowd is amazing!)


Coming on Music/15 Step-Radiohead (The anticipation to them coming on stage was immense, that when they did it was unbelievable)


Nude/Videotape/How to Disappear Completely-Radiohead (All of these were so beautiful live that I was just left in awe)


Paranoid Android-Radiohead (The crowd singalong at the end was great)


What Would I Want? Sky-Animal Collective (They played this song live before it came out and it was so good it was the highlight of the whole show, and I'd never heard it before)


With or Without You/Ultraviolet-U2 (so much emotion in the performance it was just amazing, and left me in awe)


Moment of Surrender-U2 (with the cellphones lit up like the "milky way galaxy" it was a very cool moment)


Cymbal Rush-Thom Yorke/Atoms for Peace (Song was charged with so much energy, and sounded very epic)


Red-Eye/Tied Knots-The Album Leaf (So beautiful to hear live that I was just left in awe)


Sprawl II-Arcade Fire (I was waiting to hear this song live. I had been listening to the album only a few days before I saw them and this song I was obsessed with. When they played it I was overwhelmed by happiness...haha)




What are some top-top concert moments for you guys?

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I've only been to one concert :lol: and that was seeing Coldplay last year.

The best moment was when they shot out all the butterflies during Lovers in Japan. I was all the way in the front, so they were like freaking covering me :wacky: It was super dark outside, but all the butterflies just lit up the whole sky.

It was beautiful :blush:

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-LIT @Bercy 2008, finally, I was see seing my boys after 8 years of waiting AND on my birthday :awesome!

-The scientist accoustic, same show..got teary, so beautiful, one of my fav CP song.

-The Scientist @PdP2009: again got teary, so beautiful...

-In my place @Wembley under the rain: completly electrifying!

-Trouble accoustic @Wembley: couldn't sing, I was too emotional..this song started everything back in 2000...


-love today - Mika @Cirque d'hiver: it got totally mental...!!


- Take me out - Franz Ferdinand @Rennes: went totally apeshit on this and on Micheal where Alex let a teenager of the crowd play bass on the song...stunning!!


-Cosmic love - Florence+The Machine @Hammersmith: just magical....!!

-Dog days - Florence+The Machine @Solidays: went totally mental on that one (well, all set actually XD), just such energy, it felt as if she was tiring my guts out with her voice!


-The good book - Tired Pony @HMV Forum: I was very excited to be there for their very first show but seeing Tom Smith singing this live...I got goosebumps and my eyes were all teary.

-Point me at lost island - Tired Pony @HMV Forum: there was a sound problem during that song so they did it again without the PA and played it at the very edge of the stage...It was magical! Even if you couldn't barely hear them sing, everyone was clapping, and singing! It was spontaneous, it felt like buskers in the streets...surreal!


-Shut your eyes - Snow Patrol @Paris: the crowd started to sing the 'shut your eyes and sing to me' before Gary asked for it...he couldn't do it for a few minutes, we were keeping goin on and on at his place XD He said it was the first time he saw the crowd anticipating the thing like that!!


-Time to pretend - Paolo Nutini @Paris: AMAZING! The man was possessed by the song!


-Boy Lilikoy - Jonsi @Paris: it was just surreal. He did the all show in accoustic cause his gear was held up at the border patrol. Magical and even more powerful.





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I've seen Radiohead (last summer), Arcade Fire (after 2nd album), Sigur Ros, Kings of Leon (in the early days), The Strokes (after 2nd album), Daniel Johnston, The Fall, Iggy Pop, Placebo, Primal Scream, Smashing Pumpkins, Sparklehorse and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, amongst many many more at festivals, but the best by far has to be



I was slightly high, slightly drunk and I was subjected to the most tranquil yet eccentric performance I have ever seen. Beatboxer, children's toys and a little opera.

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i've been to few concerts, high lights were:


-luar na lubre - when the drummer was playing with his palms and the mic fall, and he said, 'see we play live', was funny moment, also when they mentioned mike oldfield :awesome:


- coldplay at barcelona - the ambience and when coldplay crossed the field to go to the seats and sing near us.


- david fonseca at leiria - seeing him a this home town was great, we made him do 3 encores :dance: and i got to 'met' him, plus he played a new song, he all alone on stage, 'broken', was just magical moment.


- alan stivel - that man has da rhythm, can't believe his high energy being a 60's man that yet is able to be awake playing live up to 3am.


- i muvrini - awesome voices, and great chat they have.


- benjamin biolay - theremin machine is awesome, and i love the entrace, he coming on stage with his instrumental 'ex sangue'.


- david fonseca at madrid - drummer gift a fan with his drumsticks :bomb: and we got to met rita redshoes, on her last shows in that band, plus he played 'when you hit the floor', rare track in his discography and as in all his shows i sing and clapped a lot, is a huge party every time.


- coldplay at wembley - whole coldplaying meet-up.

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I went to a lot of really really good concert and it's hard for me to choose a particular moment in a concert but here is my top 3 :


Blur - Popscene. I never went that crazy on a song, but at that moment it was just me and the band in that fucking beautiful place. And the whole concert was exceptional.


Coldplay - The hardest part. My first big concert and I was so closed from Chris. A lot of emotions. I'll never forget it.


Leonard Cohen - Famous blue raincoat. He has a so beautiful voice. I couldn't be that far from the stage but at the same time I was so into the concert because of that man and his kindness. I was almost crying.

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Pearl Jam - Black live in 2006 .. i will never forget, fron row, ed´s face and " we belong together.. together"


Sigur Rós - Svefn-G - Englar - I cried like never cried before on a gig.. just perfect and those confetties :heart:


Coldplay - Lovers In Japan in Koln(2008) , never felt so happy during confetties rain :blush:


Yellow - my 1st coldplay gig (2005) ..and when i heard " you know i love you so".. my friend´s face looking at me :disappointed:

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Wow, there's been so many. But since it's a Coldplay forum, I will include "Fix You" (the version on the Twisted Logic Tour). I loved toward the end of the song when Chris would spin the lantern above his head and throw it into the crowd when the drums kicked in. Very cool.

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the Coldplay butterflies were awesome :heart: but I think my favorite live concert moment was Vertigo during U2's 2006 concert here, it was my first concert ever and I was sooo shocked :lol: it was amazing.


edit: i'm almost sure it was city of blinding lights... oh well, I didn't even care which song, it was just the excitement to see such a big live concert

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U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name

U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/Stand By Me

Arcade Fire - Tunnels

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

Arcade Fire - Power Out/Rebellion

Coldplay - Politik

Hey Rosetta! - Black Heart

Rich Aucoin - Undead

Caribou - Bowls

Wilco - Impossible Germany

Wintersleep - Nerves Normal, Breath Normal

Metric - Empty

Bloc Party - Flux

of Montreal - The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

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^Are you Briggins too?


Um, I had really good luck at my first CP concert. Groped two of them, cause they ran up the aisle that I was on. C stage was like 10 rows up from me. I guess just most of both my CP concerts.

This year's ACL. Got really close at all 3 shows I saw. Which is hard at a festival when tens of thousands of other people are also trying to get close. Well I guess all of Broken Bells, LCD Soundsystem and Muse, but especially:

The High Road - Broken Bells

Knights Of Cydonia - Muse

Last year's ACL. Mute Math. <3333 Them rocking out like crazy during Reset. Darren King. <3

Been to other concerts but these stand out the most.

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